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We have heard feedback that with so many commands it can be challenging to remember the exact syntax or learn new cmdlets, so we are enabling a solution to make the experience easier.


We are excited to announce that we have enabled Predictive IntelliSense in PSReadLine and the predications from Azure PowerShell Az.Tools.Predictor module.


Beginning February 2023 Azure Cloud Shell uses the version of PSReadLine that has Predictive IntelliSense enabled by default. We’ve also installed and enabled the Azure PowerShell predictor Az.Tools.Predictor module. Together, these changes enhance the command-line experience by providing suggestions that help new and experienced users of Azure discover, edit, and execute complete PowerShell commands.


What is Predictive IntelliSense?


Predictive IntelliSense is a feature of the PSReadLine module. It provides suggestions for complete commands based on items from your history and from predictor modules, like Az.Tools.Predictor.


Prediction suggestions appear as colored text following the user’s cursor. The image below shows the default InlineView of the suggestion. Pressing RightArrow key accepts an inline suggestion. After accepting the suggestion, you can edit the command line before hitting Enter to run the command.




PSReadLine also offers a ListView presentation of the suggestions.




In ListView mode, use the arrow keys to scroll through the available suggestions. List view also shows the source of the prediction.


You can switch between InlineView and ListView by pressing the F2 key.


Where can I learn more?


For more information about how to customize predictions for Cloud Shell, see Cloud Shell Predictive IntelliSense.


Learn more about how Az.Tools.Predictor uses intelligent context-aware command completion to help you navigate cmdlets and parameters for the Az PowerShell module.


To learn more about PSReadLine and managing Predictive Intellisense, see Using predictors in PSReadLine.


Where can I make suggestions?


We welcome suggestions and feedback to your experience working with Azure Cloud Shell. Please help us learn your feedback by posting issues and suggestions to our Azure Cloud Shell GitHub.


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