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SSMA Support for Db2 i (also called Db2/400 or AS400 Db2)

Starting with version 8.11, SSMA now supports Db2 i Series to automate the migration process. SSMA will continue to support Db2 for zOS & LUW. Db2 for i Series is an important member of IBM’s family of Db2 databases available on the IBM i operating system and Power Systems. Extending support for Db2 for i allows our customers to simplify and automate database migration process through SSMA.


With an automated end-to-end solution, this tool simplifies the data migration/modernization process and can be leveraged for:

  • Database Assessment
  • Database Schema & Objects Conversion
  • Data Migration

With this enhancement, SSMA becomes a unique tool that covers all Db2 platforms (except DashDB).


SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Db2 automates database migration to SQL Server,  and the Azure SQL family of products, including Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and SQL Server on Azure VMs. SSMA is a popular Microsoft tool to assess and accelerate schema and data migrations for competing database platforms such as Db2, Oracle, MySQL, and SAP ASE. SSMA currently supports migrating DB2 databases running on LUW and zOS and starting with 8.11 introduces support for migrating DB2 for i Series databases as well.


Database Assessment

To begin any database migration process, it is fundamental to identify and classify the database functionalities and features being used. These could range fromusing certain data types like LOBs to very specific implementations such as  shared data infrastructure using Data Sharing Groups. To determine the target environment characteristics, it is vital to understand the compatible and comparative capabilities of the target database to the ones being used on the current system. Therefore, assessment is the first step of the journey towards modernizing your data ecosystem.

SSMA can now assess the Db2 for i databases and generate an assessment report.


Database Schema & Objects conversion

SSMA now automatically converts the  database schema and objects such as views, stored procedures, indexes, triggers and functions, to objects that are compatible with SQL Server and the Azure SQL family of products.


Data Migration

Data migration is an importance process for any application migration/modernization. This process can be very complex and time consuming depending on the Db2 for i data type and size. SSMA now supports data migration from Db2 for i to SQL Server and the Azure SQL family of products.


How to Use?

The prerequisites and system requirements for installing SSMA are described in the Prerequisites section. Select the DB2 for i option from the drop-down list in the Connect to DB2 dialog box as shown in the below screenshot.





 You can establish a connection to Db2 i by using either the standard connection mode, or connection string mode. For standard mode, enter the server name, port, initial catalog, package collection, username and password. For connection string mode, provide the OLEDB connection string.


To learn more about SSMA for Db2, please refer to the SSMA documentation.




SSMA for DB2


SQL Server Migration Assistant documentation


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