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At times, you’re pretty sure that the trigger condition you’ve put in a Cloud Flow is correct but it still doesn’t trigger.


Here’s a scenario which I came across where the Trigger Conditions weren’t triggering. The trigger was Common Data Service (Current Environment) connector and the Trigger Conditions were supposed to check for a specific value to fire.

However, even upon fulfilling the criteria, the Flow was not firing.

Here’s why

Let’s look at what happened here –

  1. Now, as expected the Flow should have triggered when my field Account Type has Option Set value of 3 i.e. “Partner”(on the label)
  2. The reason was that the Filtering Attribute too was added in the Trigger which clashed.
  3. And this was a clash between the two. Hence, the Condition Trigger was not fired.
  4. On the other hand, if the field which is in the Filtering Attributes was changed, the Flow was triggered.


So here are the takeaways –

  1. Trigger Conditions won’t fire even if the condition is matched because there’s a Filtering Attribute added to an Update trigger on the Common Data Service (Current Environment) connector.
  2. Even if Trigger Condition exists, the Filtering Attributes takes higher precedence and hence, an update on the Filtering Attributes will trigger rather than Trigger Conditions.

Hope this helps!

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