Getting to Know Business Intelligence With Microsoft Power BI

Getting to Know Business Intelligence With Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI has been an excellent tool for business intelligence (BI) over the past few years. Released in October 2010, its mission is to offer a better data management platform. BDI provides the following capabilities: analytics, advanced data mining, discovery, integrated data integration, and rich query analytics. In addition, the latest release, Windows 10, offers the ability to run Power BI in the background so one can use it while working. This new functionality helps you become more productive and reduces time spent on data mining and other tasks. 

Business intelligence or Big Data is becoming more critical in every organization as data sets continue to grow. Business Intelligence covers various topics, including market intelligence, consumer behavior analytics, enterprise intelligence, geographic intelligence, health and wellness, knowledge management, supply chain management, and technology. Data mining is one of the most powerful ways to extract valuable information from large unstructured data sets. The system gathers data into meaningful models that provide insights that are difficult to obtain using traditional methods.  

Power BI’s business intelligence apps make it easy to uncover the insight needed to solve problems. Power BI apps created explicitly for business intelligence give the user the ability to extract insights from large amounts of unstructured data faster and easier. You no longer need to spend weeks or months waiting for a significant amount of information to be processed; you can get immediate answers by using one of the many apps designed for speed and accuracy.  

Business intelligence apps based on Power BI can provide rich visualizations and unsupervised algorithms that can make your life easier. You no longer need to wait weeks or months to get meaningful insights. Now you can take any amount of information and turn it into a data model with visuals in just a few moments. It’s as fast as pulling out a pen and paper. As a business owner, you no longer have to spend weeks figuring out what’s going on within your company. With dashboards like Power BI Pro, you can easily visualize data models and discover insights that greatly impact your business.  

There is no other tool more powerful and effective in transforming data than dashboards and apps designed for business intelligence. The right tool can give you insights into the micro-actions that keep your customers coming back. In addition to providing insights into how customers react, these tools can also provide insights into how people within your organization feel. This feature can allow you to make quick decisions about solutions, new projects, product development, hiring, and training. Microsoft has the technology to empower your business. 

No matter what your organization looks like or how complicated it may be, there are always opportunities to simplify things and bring them in line with one another. Using dashboards and apps made specifically for business intelligence gives you the power to see the big picture – in real-time – in ways that weren’t possible before. With Microsoft Power BI, the future looks bright for your organization. So, if you haven’t yet had a chance to check it out, give it a try!