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In one of my previous posts, I had highlighted, you can enable a Rich-Text Control for a Multiple-Line of Text type of field. Here it is again – Use Rich-Text Control for Multiple Lines of Text in Dynamics 365 CE | Quick Tip

In the above post, I had highlighted that we can change the control of a Model-Driven control of Text to Rich-Text and make it appear as below

Now, reading the same field in a Canvas App will make it appear as below

Now, let’s see how we can overcome this and read the correct Rich-Text Control formatting in the Canvas App’s Form as well.

Canvas App Form

Let’s look at the changes you’ll need to do to the Gallery control in order to read the Rich-text formatting as seen in the Model-Driven App

  1. Select the Gallery itself and expand the Fields section and locate the field which is a Rich-Text control in the Model-Driven app itself.
  2. Now, change the Control type and select the Edit rich text control from the options.
  3. Once this is selected, the Control will be updated to read formatting as in the Model-Driven app itself.

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