Microsoft MyAnalytics

Work smarter with personal productivity insights in Microsoft 365.

Explore your work patterns with MyAnalytics and learn ways to work smarter—improving your focus, wellbeing, network, and collaboration.

Close-up photograph of a laptop screen displaying MyAnalytics Insights

Get personal productivity insights as you work

Receive AI-powered suggestions in Outlook from MyAnalytics to help you set aside focus time before your week fills up with meetings, stay on top of tasks and emails, and follow up with important people.

Improve your work patterns

Understand and improve your work patterns—gaining uninterrupted time to focus, being able to disconnect and recharge, and networking and collaborating effectively—with help from the MyAnalytics dashboard and weekly email digest.

Close-up photograph of a mobile device screen displaying the MyAnalytics Home page
Close-up photograph of mobile device screen displaying the MyAnalytics page with weekly statistics regarding focus

Privacy by design

Only you can view personal data and insights based on work patterns in emails, meetings, calls, and chats. MyAnalytics is designed to protect your privacy.