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We have been hosting different set of Microsoft 365 community calls since 2015 where we share the latest news and do live demos on the different capabilities in Microsoft 365.


We are excited to share more details on our updated community call structure focusing holistically on the Microsoft 365 developer platform. Based on a community survey from spring 2021, it was visible that a more holistic platform level messaging would be needed, rather than having isolated community calls based on individual products in Microsoft 365. When we are creating solutions and services for the Microsoft 365, we often combine numerous technologies across this platform stack, so this new model is targeted on covering more widely the awesomeness of Microsoft 365.


We will also have some Northern Hemisphere summer cancellations.




What’s new? – New weekly Microsoft 365 Platform community call

This call is targeted for the Microsoft 365 engineering PMs and other Microsoft employees to update our community on the latest features and capabilities across the Microsoft 365. Call will start from 31st of August 2021 and will happen each Tuesday at 8 AM PT. Like other community calls, this call is recorded and published from the Microsoft 365 Community YouTube channel.

This call will replace monthly Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint community calls. It will also feature other Microsoft 365 features and capabilities.


This call will typically have following generic agenda:

  • 0-15 min – Latest news from Microsoft and group photo

  • 15-30 min – Microsoft 365 demo 1

  • 30-45 min – Microsoft 365 demo 2

  • 45-60 min – Microsoft 365 demo 3

We will answer on any questions throughout the call in the chat.

Summer schedule adjustments

Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint monthly community calls are on a break during summer and will discontinue after that as they will be replaced by the platform call.

Other calls will continue normally through out the summery.

Microsoft 365 community calls – available for everyone to join

Here’s a summary of existing Microsoft 365 calls and the structure for future. Join on the calls to hear about the latest features and to engage with the community. All community calls are recorded. Call summaries are published as blog post articles at Microsoft 365 PnP Tech Community blog and videos at Microsoft 365 Community YouTube channel.

Discontinued calls, replaced with the weekly call on Tuesdays:

  • Microsoft Graph

  • Microsoft Teams

  • SharePoint

These invites will be routed to the new weekly call starting from 31st of August.


You can download invites for the community calls from


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