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With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2022 release wave 2, we’ve supercharged the humble bookmark. Now you can save views as report bookmarks. Get back to your personalized, filtered reports faster than a speeding bullet, no cape needed.

Leap tall buildings in a single bound

You likely have at least one dashboard you visit regularly to monitor reports, charts, and other visual breakdowns of your Customer Service KPIs and insights. Chances are, you apply the same filters every time you visit.

Stop wasting all that effort. Adjust the report filters as you likejust onceand save the filtered view as a named bookmark.

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The next time you want to check that same view, let your report bookmark do the heavy lifting. With a single bounder, click, the dashboard opens just the way you want it to.

Manage your report bookmarks just as easily

After you’ve created some report bookmarks, you won’t need abilities far beyond those of mortal men to keep them up to date. Need to change a filter value or add a whole new filter? No problem. Adjust the report filters to your liking, then select Bookmarks > Update Bookmark. If you don’t want to keep the change, one click resets everything back to the way it was. It’s that easy. If you no longer need a bookmark, delete it.

It’s just as easy to switch between your saved views using the new Bookmarks panel. You can even set a report bookmark as your personal default view every time you visit.

Bookmarks are available in historical analytics reports and knowledge analytics reports.

We plan to add more features, like bookmark groups, the ability to create a slideshow out of your bookmarks, and more. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter!

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Check out the documentation for more information about using report bookmarks in Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Manage bookmarks for reports | Microsoft Learn

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