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If you work in project management, you have probably heard of and used Microsoft Project. You may also be familiar with Dynamics 365 Project Operations, the successor to Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation. In this Microsoft Mechanics video, we are going to show you how to use these applications to manage work from simple task management and planning to more complex initiatives like service-oriented projects that drive your business. 


As organizations across industries continue to grapple with accelerated digital transformation, remote work, and increasingly diverse teams and work styles, they need to transform how they manage work. Today, almost all work is project work, and everyone works on projects. A project can take a couple of people a few hours, or it can embrace an entire portfolio of initiatives that involves hundreds of employees from across the organization and lasts years. A transformation like this demands new approaches and a new generation of tools that span the entire organization and meet people where they are working – from their homes to the warehouse to the retail store.  



Understanding Microsoft Project and Dynamics 365 Project Operations at the functional and technical level 

Microsoft Project and Dynamics 365 Project Operations provide end-to-end work management for teams of all sizes and projects of differing complexity. They include core capabilities for project planning & scheduling, collaboration, resource management, reporting, customization, and extensibility, and Project Operations also includes powerful capabilities for deal management, contracting, project finances & accounting, and time & expense management.


Built on the Microsoft cloud, and leveraging 35 years of development on the Microsoft Project scheduling engine, these solutions deliver connected experiences across the organization while providing the flexibility and extensibility needed to innovate with confidence.  


In this video we are going to give you an introduction to a new generation of connected project experiences on the Microsoft platform; experiences designed to empower the people in your organization to meet the rising tide of complexity and drive your business forward. We will show you how Microsoft Project, and Dynamics 365 Project Operations are designed to help you organize and view projects, schedules, and tasks—or dive more deeply into all the details. We will also help you identify which solution can best meet your needs. And we will point you to additional information and show you how to get started today with Microsoft Project, and Dynamics 365 Project Operations. 

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