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Recording of the Microsoft 365 – General M365 development Special Interest Group (SIG) community call from May 13, 2021.




Call Summary

Latest news from Microsoft 365 engineering and updates on open-source projects: PnP .NET libraries, PnP PowerShell, modernization tooling, on yo Teams, on Microsoft Graph Toolkit, and on Microsoft Teams Samples.


Check out the new Microsoft 365 Extensibility look book gallery, visit the Microsoft Teams samples gallery to get started with Microsoft Teams development, and register now for May trainings on Sharing-is-caring.  Open-source project activity is focused on prepping for May releases in Microsoft Build time frame.   


Open-source project status:


Project Current Version Release/Status
PnP .NET Libraries – PnP Framework v1.4.0 Bug fixes, Prepping for v1.5.0 (May)
PnP .NET Libraries – PnP Core SDK v1.1.0 Bug fixes, Prepping for v1.2.0 (May)
PnP PowerShell v1.5.0 (just added Cmdlets for Viva Connections and Syntex) Prepping for v1.6.0 (May)
Yo teams – generator-teams v3.0.3 GA, v3.1.0 Preview Preview with Viva Connections support
Yo teams – yoteams-build-core v1.1.0  
Yo teams – msteams-react-base-component v3.1.0  
Microsoft Graph Toolkit (MGT) v2.1.0 GA, v2.2.0 Preview v2.2.0 planned Build release


Additionally, one new Teams sample delivered.  The host of this call was David Warner II (Catapult Systems) | @DavidWarnerII.   Q&A takes place in chat throughout the call.





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    • First Time Contributor Session – May 24th (EMEA, APAC & US friendly times available)

    • Community Docs Session – May

    • PnP – SPFx Developer Workstation Setup – June 

    • PnP SPFx Samples – Solving SPFx version differences using Node Version Manager – May 20th

    • AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Microsoft Graph & MGT – June

    • AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Microsoft Teams Dev – June

    • First Time Presenter – May 25th

    • More than Code with VSCode – May 27th  

    • Maturity Model Practitioners – May 18th

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Microsoft Teams Development Samples:  (




Great to see all the faces in the community.  Hopefully soon we will get to see each other in person.   


Demos delivered in this session

  • Inspire, inform and prepare employees transition to the new hybrid Workplace transformation site learn about the customizable SharePoint Hybrid Workplace site template (in look book) and new end user training (available on and in Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways playlists) to help customers and colleagues’ transition to a new way of working.   Article insights based on customer conversations and research by Microsoft.   Training categories (playlists) – meetings & collaboration, wellness and productivity, security & data protection.   

  • Querying and Paging data with PnP Core SDK – after downloading the PnPCoreAuth package, installing and configuring the needed services, obtain the PnPContext from PnPContextFactory and start using the library.  There are multiple options for querying data.  PnP Core SDK Query Model options – Load*, Get*, LINQ, and Nested/hierarchical queries.  PnP Core SDK Paging Model options – Implicit asynchronous paging*, Full load of data/synchronous implicit paging, and Manual paging with Take/Skip.   *Preferred. 

  • Advanced tricks for form formatting and customization – some items in a list should not show up on a form.  You can delete, hide or conditionally show values (based on entries in other fields) on a form.  Column and Form formatting are vastly different.  Learn ways to detect what values are in the list vs what values are on the form and also how to create read only sections on a form.


Thank you for your work. Samples are often showcased in Demos.


Topics covered in this call

  • PnP .NET library updates – Paolo Pialorsi ( @paolopia – 4:45

  • PnP PowerShell updates – Paolo Pialorsi ( @paolopia – 6:35

  • yo Teams updates – Paolo Pialorsi ( @paolopia 7:24

  • Microsoft Graph Toolkit updates – Beth Pan (Microsoft) | @beth_panx  8:34

  • Microsoft Teams Samples – Bob German (Microsoft) @Bob1German – 9:46

  • Demo:  Inspire, inform and prepare employees transition to the new hybrid Workplace transformation site – Holland Kaviani (Microsoft) & Matt Wolodarsky (Microsoft) | @mwolodarsky – 12:34

  • Demo:  Querying and Paging data with PnP Core SDK – Paolo Pialorsi (PiaSys) | @PaoloPia – 25:21

  • Demo:  Advanced tricks for form formatting and customization – Chris Kent (DMI) | @theChrisKent 43:22 



Additional resources around the covered topics and links from the slides.


General resources:


Upcoming Calls | Recurrent Invites:



General Microsoft 365 Dev Special Interest Group bi-weekly calls are targeted at anyone who’s interested in the general Microsoft 365 development topics. This includes Microsoft Teams, Bots, Microsoft Graph, CSOM, REST, site provisioning, PnP PowerShell, PnP Sites Core, Site Designs, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Column Formatting, list formatting, etc. topics. More details on the Microsoft 365 community from We also welcome community demos, if you are interested in doing a live demo in these calls!


You can download recurrent invite from Welcome and join in the discussion. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to provide your input as comments to this post as well. More details on the Microsoft 365 community and options to get involved are available from


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Microsoft 365 PnP team, Microsoft – 14th of May 2021


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