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This 7th of May, my colleague Paloma Garcia and I, delivered a session in Spanish “No encuentro donde esté el problema de la query” where we compare the performance in two different environments (production and staging) where our customer reported differences in execution time. In this article you could find out the link about the session recorded in Global Azure event


Abstract Spanish version


Muchas veces recibimos casos en soporte de Azure SQL Database donde nos indican que al ejecutar la query en la base de datos de producción tarda más que en la base de datos de preproducción con las mismas características de base de datos. En esta charla explicaremos una serie de pasos que seguimos para encontrar cuál es la razón de esta diferencia e intentaremos arreglar el entuerto.


Abstract English version


Many times, we received cases in Azure SQL Database support where customer noticed us that running a query on the production database takes longer than on the staging database with the same database characteristics. In this session we will explain a series of steps that we follow to find what is the reason for this difference and we will try to fix the mess.




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