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There were a few preview API’s that were made available in the previous years for Azure DevTest Labs, with the goal of enabling early access to certain features and functionalities.


We have incorporated all the functionalities related to below preview API’s in the latest API specs, that were generally made available and we have decided to decommission below DTL preview API’s by June 17, 2021.


  •   2015-05-21-preview

  •   2017-04-26-preview

If you are still using any of the above preview API’s, We recommend to migrate and use the latest DTL REST API Specs that were generally made available. The decommissioning does not impact our current API version in preview, 2018-10-15-preview.


2015-05-21-preview’ and2017-04-26-previewAPI versions would be decommissioned on June 17, 2021 and if you are using the preview API’s, we request you to kindly migrate before June 17, 2021.


As always, please reach out to us in case of any questions or concerns.


–  DevTest Labs Product Team


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