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As previously announced, we are deprecating all /microsoft org container images hosted in Docker Hub repositories on June 30th, 2021. This includes some old azure-cli images (pre v2.12.1), all of which are already available on Microsoft Container Registry (MCR).

In preparation for the deprecation, we are removing the latest tag from the microsoft/azure-cli  container image in Dockerhub. If you are referencing microsoft/azure-cli:latest in your automation or Dockerfiles, you will see failures.


What should I do?

To avoid any impact on your development, deployment, or automation scripts, you should update docker pull commands, FROM statements in Dockerfiles, and other references to microsoft/azure-cli container images to explicitly reference instead.


What’s next?

On June 30th we will remove all version tags from Dockerhub for microsoft/azure-cli . After that date the only to consume the container images will be via MCR.


How to get additional help?

We understand that there may be unanswered questions. You can get additional help by submitting an issue on GitHub.

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