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Planner was designed for managing team tasks at work, but there’s a growing need to stay organized with friends and family, too. To help manage this transition, Microsoft Teams is rolling out several features in mobile preview that bring similar work capabilities to your personal life, including personal and group task management.


This new feature is called Tasks—just like the experience for work we announced at Ignite. Using Tasks in Teams for your personal life, you can organize and share tasks with friends and family in one place. Simply create and share lists in chat groups to collaborate, assign tasks to specific people—we can’t guarantee that assigning your kids trash duty means it’ll get done—and stay organized through a new group dashboard that includes shared photos, videos, documents, and calendars.


It’s important to note that Planner is still an enterprise-only app. So, while it helps power the new Tasks feature for personal use, Planner on its own does not support personal Microsoft accounts.


To have access to personal Teams features like Tasks, you’ll need to ensure you’re running the latest version of the mobile app (iOS App Store version 2.0.13 or higher; Android Play Store version 1416/ or higher). Android updates will roll out gradually over the next few weeks.


If you’re already using Teams for work, either add your existing personal Microsoft account or create a new account with your phone number on the Teams mobile app. You’ll then be able to switch between your work and personal accounts to stay on top of calendars, chats, and tasks. If you don’t use Teams yet, download the mobile app for your iOS or Android device and sign up for an account. Once you’re signed up or logged in, start inviting friends and family, creating your groups, and adding personal or group tasks—similar to how you use Planner for work.


For more details about this and the other personal features for Teams mobile, check out our Microsoft 365 Blogs post and the new Teams for your personal life webpage. We’d love to get your suggestions for improving this and other features in Teams through UserVoice. You can also send feedback in the Teams mobile app itself through the Help and feedback option in your settings or by shaking your device.

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