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The Azure Sentinel Ninja training is not static and always updated. If you want to refresh your knowledge and get updated, here is the list of updates for you:


(Missed the June update?)


Module What’s new
Module 2: How is Azure Sentinel used?

Did you know that we already have 23 public ustomer use cases?

Module 3: Cloud architecture and multi-workspace/tenant support

Use private links to ensure logs never leave your private network. 

Module 4: Collecting events

The grand list now include both Microsoft and 3rd party source, whether built-in, supported or community contributed: Find here the many sources that Sentinel can collect from.

Module 5: Log Management

Learn how to move Logs to Long-Term Storage

Module 7: KQL

Explore the new Pluralight Advanced KQL course

Module 8: Write rules

Handling sliding windows in Azure Sentinel rules

Module 10: Workbooks

Module 14: Extending and integrating

We added a short introductory video and blog post

Module 16: Where do I go from here?

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