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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 92 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Actian Avalanche Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse.png

Actian Avalanche Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse: Providing a massively parallel processing (MPP) columnar SQL data warehouse, Actian Avalanche is a hybrid platform that can be deployed on-premises as well as on multiple clouds, enabling you to migrate or offload applications and data at your own pace.

Application Connector for Dynamics 365.png

Application Connector for Dynamics 365: SnapLogic’s application connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to quickly transfer up to petabytes of data into and out of Microsoft Azure cloud storage and analytics services. Move the data at any latency to meet your diverse business requirements.

ARK - Action Game Server on Windows Server 2016.png

ARK – Action Game Server on Windows Server 2016: Tidal Media Inc. presents this hardened, pre-configured image of ARK: Survival Evolved on Windows Server 2016. In the game, players must survive being stranded on an island filled with roaming dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

CellTrust SL2 SMB.png

CellTrust SL2 SMB: CellTrust SL2 delivers compliant and secure mobile communication for regulated industries, such as financial services, government, insurance, and healthcare. Separate personal and business communication while capturing business text/SMS, chat, and voice for e-discovery and compliance.

Cloud Move for Azure powered by CrystalBridge.png Cloud Move for Azure powered by CrystalBridge: Developed together with Microsoft, SNP Group’s Cloud Move for Azure uses CrystalBridge to determine the optimal sizing of your target system and automate the deployment to Azure, helping you save time, money, and resources.

Energy Billing: Zero Friction’s energy billing platform connects to measurement data communication systems to receive customers’ meter readings, generate invoices, and notify customers about abnormal energy consumption. This app is available only in Dutch and French.

Fathom Privacy-Focused Website Analytics on Ubuntu.png

Fathom Privacy-Focused Website Analytics on Ubuntu: Tidal Media Inc. provides this secure, easy-to-deploy image of Fathom website analytics on Ubuntu. Fathom is a privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics that delivers analytics about your top content, top referrers, and other useful details on a single screen.

Genesys PureConnect for Dynamics 365.png

Genesys PureConnect for Dynamics 365: A no-code SaaS integration platform, AppXConnect integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Genesys PureConnect to deliver rich contact center features in Dynamics 365. Increase call center productivity and provide an enhanced customer experience with AppXConnect.


GeoDepth: Through the integration of velocity analysis, model building and updating, model validation, depth imaging, and time-to-depth conversion, GeoDepth provides the continuity needed to produce high-quality seismic images while preventing data loss and honoring geologic constraints.

iLink Indoor Asset Tracking.png

iLink Indoor Asset Tracking: iLink Systems’ Indoor Asset Tracking is a geo-aware IoT solution that drives digital transformation by securely tracking the location and health of your business assets. Manage and monitor your assets remotely, gain real-time insights, reduce costs, and create new revenue streams.

iLink Power BI Governance.png

iLink Power BI Governance: iLink Systems’ Power BI Governance Framework is a web-based solution built and deployed on Microsoft Azure services. It enables customers to streamline the development, validation, and publishing of Microsoft Power BI reports.

Information and Analysis Panel - Biovalid.png

Information and Analysis Panel – Biovalid: BioValid enables you to prove the identity of an individual without the person’s physical presence. Adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation, each validation request includes an authorization request for the use of data for verification. This app is available only in Portuguese.

Information and Analysis Platform - Datavalid.png

Information and Analysis Platform – Datavalid: Designed for financial institutions, car rental companies, airlines, insurance companies, and other public and private entities, Datavalid performs biometric and biographical validation of data or images. This app is available only in Portuguese.

Intelligence Platform - Active Debt Consultation.png

Intelligence Platform – Active Debt Consultation: Federal Data Processing Service’s Active Debt Consultation service ensures data security and reliability while minimizing the risk of fraud and enabling you to automate queries and information verification. This app is available only in Portuguese.

Intelligence Platform - DUE Consultation.png

Intelligence Platform – DUE Consultation: DUE Consultation provides access to a company’s basic export operation identification information, customs status, administrative and cargo controls, dispatch and shipment locations, and more. This app is available only in Portuguese.

Ivalua source-to-pay platform.png

Ivalua source-to-pay platform: The Ivalua platform empowers businesses to effectively manage all categories of spending and suppliers to increase profitability, lower risk, and boost employee productivity.


Kaiam: The Kaiam platform automates regulatory processes and enables you to monitor transactions to mitigate corporate and financial risks. This app is available only in Spanish.

Kapacitor Container Image.png

Kapacitor Container Image: Bitnami offers this up-to-date, secure image of Kapacitor built to work right out of the box. Kapacitor is a native data processing engine for InfluxDB that’s designed to process data streams in real time.

Knowledge Lens MLens Platform.png

Knowledge Lens MLens Platform: MLens from Knowledge Lens enables automated migrations of data, workloads, and security policies from Hadoop Distributions (Cloudera/Hortonworks) to Microsoft Azure HDInsight. MLens automates most of the heavy lifting and follows Azure best practices.

LNW-Soft Project Phoenix for SAP on Azure.png

LNW-Soft Project Phoenix for SAP on Azure: LNW-Soft Project Phoenix provides automatic installation and orchestration of SAP HANA standalone databases, as well as SAP NetWeaver and SAP S4/HANA systems. This solution currently supports SAP HANA 2.0, SAP NetWeaver 7.5, and SAP S4/HANA 1909.

MariaDB Platform.png

MariaDB Platform: MariaDB Platform is an open-source enterprise database solution that supports transactional, analytical, and hybrid workloads, as well as relational, JSON, and hybrid data models. It can scale from standalone databases to fully distributed SQL for performing ad hoc analytics on billions of rows.


Milvus: Milvus, an open-source vector similarity search engine, is easy to use, fast, reliable, and scalable. Milvus empowers applications in a variety of fields, including image processing, computer vision, natural language processing, voice recognition, recommender systems, and drug discovery.

Open Web Analytics - Traffic Analytics on Ubuntu.png

Open Web Analytics – Traffic Analytics on Ubuntu: Tidal Media Inc offers this pre-configured image of Open Web Analytics on Ubuntu. Open Web Analytics, a web traffic analysis package, is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database, which makes it compatible for running with an Apache-MySQL-PHP (AMP) solution stack on various web servers.

Pay360 by Capita - Evolve.png

Pay360 by Capita – Evolve: The Evolve platform from Pay360 by Capita offers an integrated payment solution built on Microsoft Azure. Your customers can accept multiple payment options, benefit from improved reporting, and experience simpler reconciliation.

Percona XtraBackup Container Image.png

Percona XtraBackup Container Image: Bitnami offers this preconfigured container image loaded with Percona XtraBackup, a set of tools for performing backups of MySQL databases. Percona XtraBackup executes non-blocking, highly compressed, and highly secure full backups on transactional systems.

Pimp My Log - Log Viewer for Web Servers on Ubuntu.png

Pimp My Log – Log Viewer for Web Servers on Ubuntu: Tidal Media Inc. offers this preconfigured Ubuntu image loaded with Pimp my Log. Pimp my Log is a PHP-based program that provides a web-based GUI to view logs for various web servers, including Apache, NGINX, and Microsoft IIS.

Preptalk Chatbot.png

Preptalk Chatbot: PrepTalk from Pactera Technologies Inc. provides a chatbot platform for human agents and salespeople to assess their customer service skills, evaluate their performance, and identify their training needs.

QuEST Lung Infection Detection with AI.png

QuEST Lung Infection Detection with AI: QuEST-Global Digital’s AI solution uses Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to inspect X-ray images, identify and track lung infections, and provide radiologists with a diagnosis and progression analysis within minutes.

Rainbow Password and Pins.png

Rainbow Password & Pins: Rainbow Secure’s Rainbow Password lets users apply color and style options to passwords and PINs, adding layers of defense to logins, data, payments, transactions, and services. Rainbow Password works across platforms and devices, and it includes API integration.

Rainbow Secure Passwordless Login.png

Rainbow Secure Passwordless Login: This solution gives users smart tokens and smart formatting challenges that they apply when connecting to trusted endpoints. Automated monitoring generates alerts based on custom parameters.

Rainbow Secure Smart Multi-factor Authentication.png

Rainbow Secure Smart Multi-factor Authentication: This solution implements multi-factor authentication (MFA) with color and style options to add layers of security beyond simple passwords. Rainbow Secure Smart MFA can be deployed at scale.

rClone Container Image.png

rClone Container Image: Bitnami offers this preconfigured container image loaded with rClone. rClone synchronizes files and directories to and from different cloud storage providers, supports multiple cloud storage providers, and provides caching and encryption.

Repstor for Collaborative Workspaces.png

Repstor for Collaborative Workspaces: Repstor’s Custodian is a complete information lifecycle solution for Microsoft Teams and collaborative workspaces. Custodian adds governance, compliance, and lifecycle management capabilities to any document or case-focused workspace.


RMS: Paradigm RMS from Emerson Electric Co. is a geoscience and reservoir engineering collaboration platform, offering geophysicists, geologists, and reservoir engineers a shared space to compile and visualize a wide range of data from oil and gas fields.


SeisEarth: Emerson Electric Co.’s Paradigm SeisEarth handles projects from basin to prospect and reservoir, from exploration field to development field. Quickly perform the day-to-day tasks of seismic interpretation through efficient volume roaming.


SKUA-GOCAD: SKUA-GOCAD from Emerson Electric Co. is a suite of tools for seismic, geological, and reservoir modeling. The integrated product suite is available in a standalone configuration or running on Paradigm Epos.

Sonetto Product Experience Management PXM.png

Sonetto Product Experience Management PXM: Sonetto PXM on Azure is an on-demand, customer-centric solution for product experience management. This product from IVIS GROUP LTD. helps retailers reach customers across all touchpoints for higher sales, profitability, and brand penetration.

Sonetto Product Promotion Toolkit.png

Sonetto Product Promotion Toolkit: Sonetto Promotion Toolkit (PTK) on Azure from IVIS GROUP LTD. drives sales through compelling cross-channel promotions. Sonetto PTK’s centralized console manages promotions across all physical and digital channels and regions.

Squid Easy Proxy Server with Webmin GUI on Ubuntu.png

Squid Easy Proxy Server with Webmin GUI on Ubuntu: Tidal Media Inc. provides this ready-to-run image of Squid with Webmin GUI on Ubuntu. Squid, a customizable proxy server, has extensive access controls, makes a great server accelerator, and implements negative caching of failed requests.

Squid Protected Proxy Server and Webmin UI on Ubuntu.png

Squid Protected Proxy Server + Webmin UI on Ubuntu: Specially hardened by Tidal Media Inc., this ready-to-run image provides Squid with Webmin GUI on Ubuntu. Get a high level of privacy and security by routing requests between users and the proxy server, setting restrictions by IP address.

Telegraf Container Image.png

Telegraf Container Image: Bitnami offers this container image of Telegraf, a server agent for collecting and sending metrics and events from databases, systems, and IoT sensors. Telegraf is easily extendable, up to date, customizable, and secure, with plugins for collection and output of data operations.

Training Management.png

Training Management: This application from UB Technology Innovations helps you manage training processes, such as defining session topics, identifying trainers with specifications, and scheduling sessions. Attendance is managed by capturing participants’ images and digital signatures to ensure individuality.

Transact Mobile Credential.png

Transact Mobile Credential: Meet the needs of your mobile-centric students with a fast, secure, NFC-enabled mobile credential. Just as they would with cards, students can use the mobile credential for dining, point of sale, laundry, copy, vending, door access, and more.

Transact Mobile Ordering.png

Transact Mobile Ordering: Provide your students with real-time mobile ordering from any location. Students can choose a restaurant, personalize their orders, select a payment method, and submit an order – all from their mobile devices. Students will be notified every step of the way and receive an accurate estimate of when their order will be ready.

Trendalyze - SaaS.png

Trendalyze – SaaS: Trendalyze is for business users to discover, search, and predict patterns in time-series data. Whether you want to analyze IoT sensor data, operational equipment data, behavioral data, transactions, market trends, or environmental conditions, Trendalyze can discover the anomalies and the recurring motifs that help you manage outcomes.

Trend Micro Cloud App Security.png

Trend Micro Cloud App Security: This solution enables Microsoft 365 customers to embrace the efficiency of cloud services while enhancing security. The service uses native Microsoft 365 APIs that allow for integration within minutes. Its anti-fraud technology includes business email compromise (BEC) protection and credential phishing protection.

Vike Forms Solution.png

Vike Forms Solution: This solution for SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2019, and SharePoint 2016 allows non-technical users to create interactive, better-looking forms quickly. Use custom forms to add data to lists and create multiple forms on a list with different fields/columns to abstract data from different set of users.


Vozy: Vozy lets companies communicate with their customers at scale using contextual voice assistants and conversational AI. The platform includes Lili, a digital assistant (chatbot and voicebot) that can handle basic and repetitive calls, speech analytics to analyze conversations, and voice biometrics.

WAL-G Container Image.png

WAL-G Container Image: Bitnami provides this image of WAL-G, a customizable archival and restoration tool for PostgreSQL databases. WAL-G allows parallel backup and restore operations using different compression formats. Bitnami continuously monitors all components and libraries for vulnerabilities and updates.

WEARFITS - apparel try-on and size fitting in AR.png

WEARFITS – apparel try-on and size fitting in AR: Showcase your products as photorealistic models and give your customers a stunning digital shopping experience by using 3D visualization, augmented reality (AR), and size fitting. WEARFITS provides consulting in the field of implementing AR in retail, especially in the apparel and footwear industries.

Xilinx Vitis Software Platform 2019.2 on CentOS.png

Xilinx Vitis Software Platform 2019.2 on CentOS: This platform enables you to use the adaptive computing power of Xilinx Alveo Accelerator cards on CentOS to accelerate diverse workloads like vision and image processing, data analytics, and machine learning – without prior design experience.

Xilinx Vitis Software Platform 2019.2 on Ubuntu.png

Xilinx Vitis Software Platform 2019.2 on Ubuntu: This platform enables you to use the adaptive computing power of Xilinx Alveo Accelerator cards on Ubuntu to accelerate diverse workloads like vision and image processing, data analytics, and machine learning – without prior design experience.

Zoho Analytics On-Premise (BYOL).png

Zoho Analytics On-Premise (BYOL): Built with a self-service approach, Zoho Analytics On-Premise brings the power of analytics to both technical and non-technical users. Run an automatic analysis of data from a variety of sources and create appealing data visualizations and insightful dashboards in minutes with out-of-the-box integrations. 

Consulting services

2 day workshop - Security and Compliance on Azure.png

2 day workshop – Security & Compliance on Azure: In this workshop, datac Kommunikationssysteme GmbH will advise you about threats and points of attack, then evaluate your company’s security status and develop suitable protective measures.

ADvantage Azure AIMS - 1 Day Briefing.png

ADvantage Azure AIMS – 1 Day Briefing: This free briefing from HCL Technologies will give customers an enterprise-scale roadmap for migrating to Microsoft Azure. An accompanying portfolio analysis will examine risk, operations, performance, architecture, complexity, and more.

ADvantage Azure Sketch - 1 Day Briefing.png

ADvantage Azure Sketch – 1 Day Briefing: In this free briefing, HCL Technologies will focus on Sketch, an end-to-end data-processing framework on Microsoft Azure for building and reusing data pipelines. Sketch can increase digital transformation’s return on investment.

ADvantage Azure SmartBuy - 1 Day Briefing.png

ADvantage Azure SmartBuy – 1 Day Briefing: This free briefing from HCL Technologies will delve into SmartBuy, a cognitive procurement platform that applies machine learning and deep learning to forecast prices, optimize spending, recommend suppliers, and detect anomalies.

ADvantage Upgrade on Azure - 1 Day Briefing.png

ADvantage Upgrade on Azure – 1 Day Briefing: Learn about the application modernization capabilities of HCL Technologies in this free briefing, which will address upgrading Java and .NET frameworks and migrating to Microsoft Azure.

AI Implementation - 2-week proof-of-concept.png

AI Implementation – 2-week proof-of-concept: With this proof-of-concept offer, Radix will help you build a scalable AI solution. Depending on the solution’s complexity, the proof of concept may be followed by a longer project to help you refine the AI model’s performance and prepare for deploying at scale.

AKS Quickstart- 4 Week Proof Of Concept.png

AKS Quickstart: 4 Week Proof Of Concept: Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service makes deploying and managing containerized applications quick, easy, and scalable. This proof of concept from Nous Infosystems will deliver a Kubernetes cluster in your Azure account for selected apps.

APPA for Accelerated Azure Adoption- 4 Wk POC.png

APPA for Accelerated Azure Adoption: 4 Wk POC: Nous Infosystems will execute a proof of concept involving Nous APPA (Accelerated Program for Porting to Azure), which is based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and enables organizations to successfully adopt Azure.

Application Hot Spot Assessment (1-5 days).png

Application Hot Spot Assessment (1-5 days): Using Microsoft Azure services, Prime TSR will assess your organization’s system architecture to identify potential bottlenecks and performance impediments within applications and databases. Prime TSR will then provide remediation recommendations and root-cause analysis.

App Modernization Bootcamp- 4 Wk Proof Of Concept.png

App Modernization Bootcamp: 4 Wk Proof Of Concept: In this engagement, Nous Infosystems will modernize a selected application. This will entail building a microservices architecture, migrating the app to Microsoft Azure App Service, and deploying an Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline for development services.

Automated Technology Modernization -1 day Briefing.png

Automated Technology Modernization -1 day Briefing: Learn about HCL Technologies’ automated technology modernization accelerators and Microsoft Azure migration support in this free briefing for customers looking for scalable architecture and faster time to market.

Azure AutoML and Azure DevOps- 1-Wk Implementation.png

Azure AutoML & Azure DevOps: 1-Wk Implementation: Data-Core Systems will employ Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to build CI/CD pipelines for in-house machine learning models, along with Azure-based AutoML models, to offer clients multiple predictions.

Azure Backup and Site Recovery- 1 Day Workshop.png

Azure Backup & Site Recovery: 1 Day Workshop: Want to protect your business data and reduce your businesses infrastructure costs without compromising compliance? Learn how Microsoft Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery can help in this one-on-one workshop from Seepath Solutions.

Azure DevOps Advantage Code Net - 1 Day Briefing.png

Azure DevOps Advantage Code .Net – 1 Day Briefing: This free briefing from HCL Technologies will discuss the company’s ADvantage Code .Net (ADC.Net), which adds automation to the Microsoft Azure application development process to increase productivity and standardization.

Azure DevOps with EAZe - 1 Day Briefing.png

Azure DevOps with EAZe – 1 Day Briefing: Learn about EAZe in this free briefing from HCL Technologies. EAZe is a maturity elevation framework centered on Microsoft Azure DevOps that enables organizations to expedite DevOps implementation and focus on continuous improvement.

Azure Hybrid Cloud 5-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure Hybrid Cloud 5-Day Proof of Concept: Get ready to develop and execute hybrid-cloud strategies with this proof of concept from Seepath Solutions. In this engagement, Seepath Solutions will set up a Microsoft Azure tenant, configure virtual networking, and build an Active Directory domain controller. 

azure implementation 10 weeks.png azure_implementation_10_weeks: In this engagement, TrimaxSecure will help your organization migrate to Microsoft Azure and reap the benefits of cloud technologies. Migrating your workloads to Azure will improve productivity, operational resiliency, and business agility.
Azure Landing Zone - 2 Week Implementation.png

Azure Landing Zone – 2 Week Implementation: A senior consultant and a technical specialist from Olikka will implement a Microsoft Azure landing zone to give your organization a fast, secure, enterprise-grade foundation based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

Azure Landing Zone- 10-wk imp.png

Azure Landing Zone: 10-wk imp: Cloudeon A/S will establish a baseline environment on Microsoft Azure that will encompass a multi-account architecture, identity and access management, governance, data security, network design, logging, and other critical and foundational services.

Azure Migration- 5 Week Implementation.png

Azure Migration: 5 Week Implementation: Using the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, Olikka will migrate your applications and infrastructure to Azure safely, securely, and with minimal business impact.

Azure Migration Assessment- 2 Week Assessment.png

Azure Migration Assessment: 2 Week Assessment: This assessment from Olikka will help your organization understand how to optimize your applications and datacenter estate to run on Microsoft Azure. Olikka will address costs, modernization opportunities, and more.

Azure Readiness and Planning 2-Day Workshop.png

Azure Readiness & Planning 2-Day Workshop: This workshop from datac Kommunikationssysteme GmbH serves as a starting point for getting your IT infrastructure ready for Microsoft Azure. You’ll receive customized budget planning and strategic guidance for deployment.

Azure Sentinel Security- 6-week Implementation.png

Azure Sentinel Security: 6-week Implementation: IX Solutions will work with your IT security team to rapidly deploy a proof-of-concept instance of Microsoft Azure Sentinel, which will enable smarter and faster threat detection and response.

Azure Server Migration- 1-week Implementation.png

Azure Server Migration: 1-week Implementation: Migrate your apps, data, and server infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with the help of Seepath Solutions. In this offer, Seepath Solutions will assist you in planning a successful pilot migration of up to five servers (Windows, SQL, or Linux).

Cloud Advisory Services- 1 Hour Assessment.png

Cloud Advisory Services- 1 Hour Assessment: In this advisory session, Carahsoft will work with you to determine your public-sector strategy, customer requirements, and ISV strategy within your Microsoft Azure environment. Develop your Azure go-to market strategy with the support of Carahsoft.

Cloud Security- 2 week Implementation.png

Cloud Security: 2 week Implementation: This security implementation from Seepath Solutions will give you a centralized way to optimize, secure, and manage your Microsoft Azure workloads. Seepath Solutions will start with a discovery session to analyze the security posture of your cloud infrastructure.

Conversational Application Lifecyle 1 Day Briefing.png

Conversational Application Lifecyle 1 Day Briefing: In this free briefing, HCL Technologies will focus on Microsoft Azure migration and CALM, HCL Technologies’ conversational assistant for data-driven application lifecycle management.

Data Analytics Architecture- 2-wk Implementation.png

Data Analytics Architecture: 2-wk Implementation: SDX AG’s data engineers, data scientists, and enterprise developers will help you realize your complex data analytics projects on Microsoft Azure. Projects could include machine learning, explorative data analysis, refactoring, or other scenarios.

Free 5 Day Assessment Mainframe Migration Offer.png

Free 5 Day Assessment Mainframe Migration Offer: In this free service, Zensar Technologies will review your mainframe estate (MIPS, data store, dependent systems and applications, batch jobs, CICS, COBOL code) and deliver detailed recommendations for initiating migration to Microsoft Azure.

HCL Azure Kubernetes Services - 1 Day Briefing.png

HCL Azure Kubernetes Services – 1 Day Briefing: Learn about Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), and other application modernization frameworks in this free briefing from HCL Technologies.

HCL FileNxt Azure NetApp Files - 1 day Briefing.png

HCL FileNxt Azure NetApp Files – 1 day Briefing: This free briefing from HCL Technologies will discuss Microsoft Azure NetApp Files and services offered by HCL Technologies. Azure NetApp Files makes it easy to migrate and run complex, file-based applications with no code change.

Image Classification- 3-Wk PoC.png

Image Classification: 3-Wk PoC: Together with your team, paiqo GmbH will implement an image classification proof of concept using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services or Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to prove the feasibility of your use case.

IoT Smart Experience- 8 Week Implementation.png IoT Smart Experience: 8 Week Implementation: ArcTouch will provide development services and design and/or engineering sprints that can be customized to fit your company’s needs. Create apps, websites, and voice assistants that use Microsoft Azure services for enhanced security, scalability, and end-user experiences.
IoT Smart Experience Prototype- 4 Week POC.png

IoT Smart Experience Prototype: 4 Week POC: ArcTouch will help your company design a product experience and build a prototype of a connected consumer product and IoT device solution. This offer includes multiple weeks of design sprints that can be customized to fit your needs.

IoT Smart Experience Strategy- 1 Day Workshop.png

IoT Smart Experience Strategy: 1 Day Workshop: This workshop from ArcTouch is intended for forward-looking companies that want to define their digital product strategy for their connected consumer products and IoT devices. ArcTouch will highlight Azure IoT services, which provide scalability advantages and a faster time to market.

Kubernetes- 1-Day Assessment.png

Kubernetes: 1-Day Assessment: Kinect Consulting’s Kubernetes experts will validate the design of your container deployments on Microsoft Azure and create a roadmap to improve your implementation and realize greater business value.

Managed Virtual Desktop- 2-week Implementation.png

Managed Virtual Desktop: 2-week Implementation: Get a fully managed remote desktop, remote app, or virtual desktop infrastructure with this offer from Seepath Solutions. Powered by Windows Virtual Desktop, this virtual environment will enable your users to work from anywhere.

Microsoft Azure Adoption- 5-day Assessment.png

Microsoft Azure Adoption: 5-day Assessment: With this assessment from Advania AB, you’ll be able to verify that your Microsoft Azure environment is set up according to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. This offer may be used at any stage of your cloud journey.

Service 360 Chain Analytics - 1 Day Briefing.png

Service 360 Chain Analytics – 1 Day Briefing: This free briefing from HCL Technologies will outline the capabilities of Service 360 Chain Analytics, a platform that uses Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and other Azure services to track asset health and performance.

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