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Identity Theft Awareness Week starts next Monday but if you’re an early bird, check out a special free webinar tomorrow and get a jump on the week’s events.

Experts from the Department of Veterans Affairs, United States Postal Inspection Service, and Federal Trade Commission will discuss privacy and identity theft issues important to all of us, and also issues that directly impact veterans and their families. The virtual panel discussion, Evolving Identity Theft Tactics & Protections, is set for Tuesday, January 25, at 1-2 p.m. ET. Join us using this link.

We hope you’ll also join us for Identity Theft Awareness Week, January 31-Februray 4, as the FTC and its partners host free webinars, podcasts, and other events. You’ll learn how to detect identity theft, help protect against it, and recover if identity theft occurs. And every day next week you’ll find a blog post here, covering a trending identity theft topic.

Identity theft can happen to anyone — but tell your friends and family that, next week, they can join the FTC and its partners to spot, avoid, and protect themselves. And if identity theft happens to you, please visit, the government’s one-stop resource for reporting and recovering from identity theft.

We hope to see you during Identity Theft Awareness Week to share information about how identity thieves operate, and how to lower your risk. Keep up with the events at and follow along on social media: #idtheftweek.

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