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Hack Together: The Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hack

The Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hack is your playground for creating and experimenting with Microsoft Fabric. With mentorship from Microsoft experts and access to the latest tech, you will learn how to build AI solutions with Microsoft Fabric! The possibilities are endless for what you can create… plus you can submit your hack for a chance to win exciting prizes! 🥳

Join the Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hackthon

Learn how to create amazing apps with RAG and Azure Open AI 

Are you ready to hack and build a RAG Application using Fabric and Azure Open AI? 

🧠Join us for the Fabric AI Hack Together event and learn the concepts behind RAG and how to use them effectively to empower with your data with AI.  

🤲 You’ll get to hear from our own experts Pamela Fox (Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft) and Alvaro Videla Godoy (Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft) who will introduce you to the challenge, provide links to get started, and give you ideas an inspiration so you can start creating amazing AI solutions with minimal code and maximum impact. :fire: 

🏋🏼‍ You’ll also get to network with other hackers, mentors, and experts who will help you along the way. Come with ideas or come for inspiration, we’d love to hear what you’re planning to build!   

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